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I am a French contemporary, self-taught artist. I moved from London to Christchurch about 10 years ago easily convinced that the kiwi lifestyle fitted completely with raising a young family. 

I have always had the need to create and these days I rely on experiment, spontaneity, freedom and instinct to develop my artwork.
I discovered art in the galleries and museums of Paris, but my interest in painting was truly ignited during my time working in the museums of Bayeux, Normandy (France) as a student. There I spent hours studying the composition and techniques of classic and modern artists. 

Later based in London I began experimenting with acrylic paint and was immediately drawn to the abstract quality of nature. This remains my passion today, my style developing into an expressive exploration of texture, light and transparency.  I find my inspiration around me, from nature, people, children's drawings, travels and interior design.  I consider my work as an open book, for viewers to interpret and react to. 

​With a corporate career as a knowledge manager behind me and with the support of my family and friends I feel privileged to dedicate a lot of time to my childhood passion and I am always thrilled to be able to dress someone's walls with my art.

As well as developing and expanding current techniques, my abstract style evolves constantly as I research and explore new ideas.  Some of my work is very intuitive and spontaneous, other is more planned and detailed, with obvious intention.   I always challenge myself and try to think outside the box.  The next project is usually underway before the last is finished.

I enjoy the fact that people can interpret my paintings in different ways, see something new, feel something different, make their own story.  With my European heritage, I have experienced many languages and like language I believe that art has this incredible ability to adapt, evolve, mature, capture diversity, feel, make people think or react, etc… bring people together. My art is not prescriptive and has never been.  I just go with the Flo… and see where my art will transport me and my viewers.

…and like with food, a take away sounds great but I hope that with my art I can excite your bud tastes with something different, original.

Representing Galleries:

Art Box Gallery, Christchurch: www.artboxgallery.info/

Mobile Art Gallery, Mt Eden, Auckland:  www.mobileart.co.nz 

Soul Gallery, Hamilton: www. soulgallery.co.nz

Majuba Gallery, Hanmer Springs: www.majubagallery.co.nz

Culverden Gallery, Culverden: www.culverdengallery.co.nz

Art on Tyne, Oamaru: www.facebook.com/ArtOnTyne/